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How to Make a Feature Wall 22/10/2021

Giant Wall Murals & Giant Wall Art

Putting art on your walls is a perfect way to express your individuality, turning your home from a same-old space into a you-space unique to your personality and style. Any time you choose artwork, you’re creating a space that people will want to be in, especially in a living room, bedroom, or office where people spend a lot of their time.  Here at 1Wall, our giant wall murals and giant wall art are perfect for creating a statement look that will draw the eye and create spaces that feel open... Read More


Bedroom Wall Art

Bedroom wall art is a great way to spruce up your interior decor if you’re feeling lost for inspiration and don’t know which direction to take in your room. Here at 1Wall, we have some great advice about changing around your bedroom and transforming the space into something that you can enjoy for longer. How do I choose wall art for my bedroom? Choosing art for your bedroom should be a piece which you know that you’ll continue to enjoy time after time. If you decide to change your decor,... Read More


Bathroom Wall Art

Bathrooms often look bare when you don’t have art or ornaments dotted around the room, but there are many different ways to make it into a relaxing area of the house. Here at 1Wall, we’re here to offer some fantastic advice on how you can add art into your bathroom, adding personality and style without too much upheaval. What kind of wall art for bathroom The bathroom is an area of the house which is more likely to be stripped back, basic and favouring functionality over style. Hanging bathroom wall... Read More

how to hang a wall mural 04/01/2021

How to Hang a Wall Mural

What Is A Wall Mural? Wall murals were an extremely popular choice of art in the 19th Century and have since taken on a slightly different meaning. Today, we associate them with vivid photographs which often take up the expanse of walls, adding depth, colour and a fantastic focal point to any room of the house. Where can I Add a Wall Mural? Wall murals make great additions to any room. Whether you have a business and need to liven up certain areas, or your child wants to make a... Read More

what is framed art? a guide to frame art 04/01/2021

A Guide to Framed Art

At 1Wall, we are proud to offer a vast collection of stunning framed art that captures beauty and simplicity all in one piece. We like to think of ourselves as connoisseurs of framed art, designed to elevate and enhance every area of your home. However, if you have found yourself looking at framed art for inspiration for your home decor project, then you may be wondering if it is the right option for your design tastes. This is why we have put together an all-you-could-need guide to framed art and... Read More


Our Featured Artists

Here at 1Wall, we’re proud to house artwork from a number of acclaimed artists. From bold and bright 3D artwork to truly timeless pieces; our range features unique artwork to suit all aesthetics. To provide you with a bit more information about some of our featured artists, their artistic techniques and why we’ve chosen to include them in our selection here at 1Wall, we’ve created this blog profiling a few of our top artists and their work. Read on to learn more about the genius of Greavsey urban artwork, Patrice... Read More

How to Make a Feature Wall 29/07/2020
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How to Make a Feature Wall

Want to give your interior decor a refresh? Whether it’s your bedroom, living room, dining room or study, a well-executed feature wall is one of the best ways you can completely transform a room. From paint to wallpaper, murals to statement prints, there are several options you can consider when planning a feature wall for your home. To help you make your decision, here at 1Wall, we’ve created a guide to feature walls, sharing all our tips and our favourite ideas to give you inspiration. What is a Feature Wall?... Read More

abstract wall art 29/07/2020

Interior Inspiration: Abstract Wall Art

Looking for a modern and contemporary way to freshen up your interiors? Abstract wall art could be the answer you’re looking for. Modern abstract wall art is a hugely popular art form, favoured by many due to the way it provokes thoughts, feelings and allows for individual interpretation.  Here at 1Wall, we’re home to a stunning selection of modern abstract wall art from a number of renowned artists. But what is abstract art exactly? We’ve taken a look at the popular artistic genre to help you decide whether abstract wall... Read More

3D Wall Art 29/07/2020

Interior Inspiration: 3D Wall Art

Looking for unique and contemporary artwork that really stands out? 3D wall art is designed to do exactly that. Cleverly created to look three-dimensional as opposed to traditional two-dimensional pictures, 3D wall art creates a visual effect that truly brings artwork to life! If you’re considering 3D art for your home, here at 1Wall, we’ve created a guide to help you choose the themes to best suit your interiors and where to display them to make the most of these eye-catching pieces. What is 3D art? First thing’s first: what... Read More

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Artwork 101: Tips For Choosing A Piece Of Artwork For Your Home

Art is completely subjective; and choosing the ‘perfect’ piece can often end up being a minefield. This post should hopefully point you in the right direction when it comes to choosing artwork for your home that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. When it comes to choosing a new piece of artwork for your home, there are many factors to consider to ensure that your new investment fits perfectly with your décor – and let’s face it, art often is an investment as it can be expensive!... Read More