The Story Of 1Wall

1Wall has been a market-leading manufacturer and retailer of artwork and wall coverings since 2012; and it’s showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

1Wall was founded in 2012 by Scott and Gavin (two brothers from Blackpool, Lancashire); one brought a wealth of knowledge in interiors and retail with a customer-centric approach, whilst the other had a keen eye for design and the ability to anticipate the next big trend. They wanted to reinvent the wall coverings market and make home decoration a hassle-free, fun process. With their complementary skill sets, they were a winning combination and 1Wall was born!

To begin with, 1Wall did exactly what it says on the tin; it offered wall coverings for ‘1 wall’ in the form of our fabulous wallpaper murals – many of which you can still see on the site today!

Featured left to right:
Summer Forest wall mural, New York City Window Effect wall mural, Tropical Beach wall mural

As the years have gone on, and as 1Wall’s manufacturing power has increased, the company has expanded its offering to include a vast range of beautiful framed artwork; all made with love from its studio in Blackpool. 1Wall now specialises in stunning liquid art, however, the wall murals that established the brand in its early days are still available to purchase.

The team are lucky to work with a variety of different artists; several of whom work with 1Wall on an exclusive basis. The designers work tirelessly to create designs that are ahead of the trends and that cater to a wide range of tastes. Our signature liquid art is then applied to their designs; which makes each piece unique and truly stunning.

As the brand continues to evolve and go from strength to strength, there is one thing that will always remain a constant; the passion of the 1Wall team:

Passion to create market-leading, stunning framed artwork.
Passion to provide affordable luxury to our customers; without ever compromising on quality.
Passion to be the very best at what we do – all from our UK base.

  • 2012 – 1Wall begins its journey. The brand starts out designing wallpaper murals and manufacturing them from a factory in Lille, France. Distribution of the murals begins from the 1Wall warehouse in Blackpool. Interest in 1Wall starts to build as Gavin and Scott showcase the brand at its first trade show in the UK; and as a result, the company starts supplying a number of independent retailers.
  • 2013 – 1Wall’s international presence begins to grow as a result of exhibiting across Europe – customers are soon able to purchase 1Wall products in 23 countries across the world. In the meantime, the company also begins to supply some of the UK’s largest retailers (including B&Q, Wilko, The Range and Homebase) – which is a highlight for the whole team! In addition, 1Wall signs an exclusive licence to manufacture official One Direction wall coverings.
  • 2014 – This is a very exciting year for 1Wall; the brand is recognised as the UK’s biggest manufacturer of wallpaper murals (and probably the third biggest wall mural supplier in the world after just two and a half years in business!). The 1Wall website also goes live – and the brand finally has an online presence!
  • 2015 – 1Wall launches the Creative Collage range to sit alongside its wall mural offering. The team at 1Wall also begin designing and manufacturing a small selection of framed artwork from the studio in Blackpool. The brand also exhibits in Atlanta USA and begins to supply a number of independent retailers in America.
  • 2016 – The 1Wall brand continues to grow and the team sign another world licence with French artist, Patrice Murciano, to create exclusive wall coverings and cushions.
  • 2017 – After five years in business, the team continues to grow and 1Wall becomes a ‘family’ of 30! In doing so, the company is able to create more and more framed artwork from its studio in Blackpool. As 1Wall’s manufacturing capacity increased, the company also began distributing framed artwork in France.
  • 2018 – The team begins working closely with its designers to expand the ranges available on the website; and a heavy focus in placed on improving the customer shopping experience online.
  • 2019 – The 1Wall brand continues to grow with more and more designs released throughout the year. 1Wall continues to create market-leading framed artwork, featuring its signature liquid art, and the brand plans to exhibit its vast artwork range throughout Europe.
  • 2020 and beyond – who knows what the future holds?! All we can say is watch this space…

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