How to Make a Feature Wall

Want to give your interior decor a refresh? Whether it’s your bedroom, living room, dining room or study, a well-executed feature wall is one of the best ways you can completely transform a room. From paint to wallpaper, murals to statement prints, there are several options you can consider when planning a feature wall for your home. To help you make your decision, here at 1Wall, we’ve created a guide to feature walls, sharing all our tips and our favourite ideas to give you inspiration.

What is a Feature Wall?

Before we look into the different ways you can achieve this interior effect, what is a feature wall exactly? A feature wall is designed to draw the eye and stand out from the rest of your decor; whether this is done by contrasting paint colour, patterned wallpaper or a statement mural. The aim of a feature wall is to create a visual impact with colours or textures that differ to the other walls in your room, whilst complementing and enhancing the aesthetic of your chosen interior scheme.

Which Wall Should Be a Feature Wall?

When it comes to how to pick a feature wall, there are a few things to take into consideration: 

  • For the best effect, the wall you choose for your feature wall should be the one that your eye is naturally drawn to as you enter a room. This is often a wall with existing decor features such as a fireplace or mantelpiece, or the wall between two alcoves. It can also simply be the wall your sofa or headboard is against, as this is usually the focal point of the room.
  • However, be sure to avoid overwhelming your feature wall with too much furniture, as this can detract from its effect and look too busy.
  • Another thing to try and avoid when it comes to picking a feature wall is choosing one with windows or doors, as this can also prevent your feature wall from having the same impact.
  • Feature walls work best in medium to large rooms, as there’s a risk that drawing attention to the walls can make an already small room feel smaller.

Feature Wall Ideas

There are a few different ways you can create a feature wall – we’ve listed a few examples of our favourites and how to pull them off.

Feature Wall Wallpaper 

One of the best options when it comes to creating a feature wall is to use wallpaper. Unlike paint, using wallpaper opens up a whole host of opportunities to get creative with your interior scheme. As there are so many different types of effects you can achieve with feature wall wallpaper, you can find something that best suits your room’s aesthetic – whether that be a bold, statement print or a subtler design and colour scheme.

From florals to geometric prints and textured effects; the choice is yours when it comes to feature wall wallpaper. Plus, as an added bonus, wallpaper is a relatively inexpensive means of creating the interior design features that you couldn’t otherwise replicate – so it’s a win-win!

Whether you want to add an industrial, raw edge to your home with an exposed brick effect feature wallpaper or a little bit of bling with a glitter wallpaper; you are guaranteed to add the wow factor to any living space with a feature wall!

Feature Wall Wallpaper Murals

Another option when it comes to feature wall wallpaper is to opt for a mural piece for a truly stand-out design feature in your room. Rather than a pattern, print or texture, murals depict a scene and can really bring your decor to life. With wallpaper murals, you can bring the outside into your home and create a serene, calming atmosphere with a nature-themed landscape wall mural. Alternatively, you might prefer to start your day waking up to a beautiful beach scene or enjoy the views of your favourite cityscape in your living room. With a vast range of wall murals available at 1Wall, the possibilities are endless!

Feature Wall Paint 

Alongside feature wall wallpaper, another easy method to create a striking look is by using paint. If you’re bored with magnolia and want to give your room a simple spruce up, a painted feature wall can be a great option to try. If you choose paint for your feature wall, the trick is to use a contrasting yet complimentary shade to the rest of your room.

If your walls are white or cream, you have an abundance of options to choose from when it comes to feature wall paint! If your walls are already painted in colour, make your feature wall stand out by painting it several shades lighter or darker in the same hue or pick a complementary colour. Remember to think about the amount of natural light your room gets, and the type of atmosphere you want to create. Light and bright colours can open up a space, while darker hues can make a room look smaller but will give a cosier feel.

Feature Wall Accents

Whichever type of feature wall you opt for, it’s important to ensure you bring your aesthetic together with accent pieces and complementing furniture in order to create a harmonised interior scheme. At 1Wall, our range of home accessories has lots of options to help you do this.

Vintage Street Signs

Our range of vintage street signs will be a fun finishing touch to your feature wall.  From tongue-in-cheek vintage street signs to sentimental statements, our collection features a whole range of options to choose from to suit the theme of your space and add a personal stamp on your decor.

Velvet Cushions

Cushions are a simple yet cost-effective way of matching your furnishings with your feature wall. Whether scattered on your sofa or placed on your bed pillows, cushions can act as the perfect accent to complement your feature wall and create the sense of a consistent interior scheme. Pick out the colours and designs to suit your feature wall from our collection of velvet cushions here at 1Wall, which provide any room with luxury, comfort and style.

Whether you opt for feature wall wallpaper, a mural or paint, following our simple guide will help to ensure your feature wall becomes one of your favourite aspects of your home. For more inspiration, don’t forget to explore our full range of wallpaper and wallpaper murals here at 1Wall to find the perfect options for any room of your home.

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