Interior Inspiration: 3D Wall Art

3D Wall Art

Looking for unique and contemporary artwork that really stands out? 3D wall art is designed to do exactly that. Cleverly created to look three-dimensional as opposed to traditional two-dimensional pictures, 3D wall art creates a visual effect that truly brings artwork to life!

If you’re considering 3D art for your home, here at 1Wall, we’ve created a guide to help you choose the themes to best suit your interiors and where to display them to make the most of these eye-catching pieces.

What is 3D art?

First thing’s first: what is 3D art exactly?

3D art can be that which features the skilful use of light, colours and shadows to create an optical illusion; however, our 3D wall art is not just a trick of the mind! Here at 1Wall, we use moulds and crushed glass to create stunning artwork that will literally jump off the wall! Our varied range features our signature liquid art, splashes of bold colour and quirky designs of jelly babies, ice lollies and drinkware. Whichever piece of 3D art you choose to display in your home, it is guaranteed to be a talking point!

3D vs 2D art

Whether it be paint on a canvas or pencil on paper, 2D art creates a flat two-dimensional picture of a scene or object, while 3D allows for more experimentation with materials and can really bring a piece of art to life.

When it comes to your home decor, whether you opt for 3D or 2D artwork comes entirely down to personal preference! While 2D paintings are a more traditional form of art, 3D art can update any home with a modern and contemporary aesthetic.

Where to display 3D wall art

3D wall art looks great displayed anywhere in the home! 3D wall art is designed to stand out, so we suggest hanging these unique pieces in areas of high traffic where you can show them off; whether that be in the kitchen, living room or hallways.

3D wall art for kitchens and dining rooms

As the kitchen is the heart of the home, where better to display your 3D wall art? There are many well-suited 3D art themes you can incorporate into your kitchen and dining room; such as food, drink and other culinary objects. If you have a bar area or drinks cabinet in your kitchen or dining room, hanging a picture depicting your favourite tipple puts a fun, personal stamp on your decor. From colourful martini cocktail glasses to popping champagne bottles, our collection features a number of playful yet sophisticated drinks-themed 3D wall art designs for dinner party guests to admire. 

3D wall art for living rooms

When it comes to 3D wall art for living rooms, there are plenty of options too. Whether you want to create a sleek and modern aesthetic with some abstract 3D metal wall art or add a splash of colour with some bright 3D liquid designs, you can find a style to suit every home within our collection here at 1Wall. 

To create a serene and homely atmosphere perfect for winding down in, try opting for one of our 3D flower wall art pieces, a stylish hand-embellished aluminium abstract piece or a stunning crushed-glass 3D butterfly wall art piece to bring your decor to life. Fan of travelling or want to honour your home city with pride of place on your wall? Whether it be Paris, New York or London, 3D maps are a great choice to incorporate into your living room decor and are sure to become a talking point of conversation.

Children’s 3D wall art

Looking for the perfect pieces for your little one’s bedroom? At 1Wall, we have plenty of children’s 3D wall art that they are sure to love! For a sweet and feminine aesthetic, try opting for one of our 3D flower wall art pieces. For older children, our sparkling crushed-glass pink love hearts and silver stars will make an eye-catching feature piece on their wall (ensuring they’re safely out of reach of little hands).

To create a fun and colourful environment in your child’s bedroom or play area, appeal to their sweet tooth with one of our bright and playful 3D lollipop or jelly baby artworks; they really do look good enough to eat!

Whichever room you’re decorating, the unique and eye-catching nature of 3D wall art always brings a stylish and contemporary feel to any home decor. From 3D art for living rooms through to children’s 3D art pieces for your little one’s bedroom, here at 1Wall, we have a large range of exquisite pieces to suit every area of your home and bring a modern touch to your interiors.

Whether you’re looking for sleek and sophisticated or playful and fun pieces, explore our full range of 3D wall art for more stunning pieces from our own in-house SHH Interiors and other esteemed artists.

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