Our Featured Artists

Here at 1Wall, we’re proud to house artwork from a number of acclaimed artists. From bold and bright 3D artwork to truly timeless pieces; our range features unique artwork to suit all aesthetics. To provide you with a bit more information about some of our featured artists, their artistic techniques and why we’ve chosen to include them in our selection here at 1Wall, we’ve created this blog profiling a few of our top artists and their work. Read on to learn more about the genius of Greavsey urban artwork, Patrice Murciano and Jake Johnson art; plus you’ll discover colourful, statement pieces to enhance your interiors.

Patrice Murciano Art

French artist Patrice Murciano is another of our featured artists here at 1Wall. Famed for his depictions of animals and iconic figures enhanced with bold use of colour, Patrice Murciano art is guaranteed to be a bright and beautiful addition to homes with a modern and contemporary aesthetic. His signature style is a striking graffiti–inspired technique, using splashes of vibrant colour that really add a new dimension to the artwork. From famous celebrity faces and film characters to wild animals and playfully provocative pieces; Patrice Murciano art is inspired by a huge range of subjects, elevated with the high-colour intensity for which his artwork is renowned.

As well as wall art, our Patrice Murciano art range here at 1Wall includes a huge range of luxury cushions that are sure to brighten up any room. These, too, depict a whole host of vibrant, colourful characters that pair perfectly with his wall art to create a cohesive interior scheme. Whether placed in your bedroom or living room, Patrice Murciano artwork and cushions create a fun, bold and contemporary look suited to any modern home. 

Greavesy Art

UK-based digital artist Greavsey is another of the esteemed artists we feature here at 1Wall. Greavsey’s most famous and highly recognised artwork comes from his Icons collection, which features some of the true icons of the screen, music industry and boxing ring. Greavsey gives these iconic pictures a colourful and modernised update with paint splash effects, crowns and emblazoned quotes across them for a bold, urban aesthetic. Once framed, Greavsey’s artwork is then finished with stunning Swarovski Crystal detailing and multicoloured liquid resin for a bold and visually striking effect. 

From Tupac and Muhammad Ali to Audrey Hepburn and Marylin Monroe, Greavesy artwork features a wide range of famous icons from which you can take your pick. Plus, in addition to Hollywood royalty, Greavsey artwork includes fun ‘King and Queen of the Jungle’ art, depicting lions and lionesses adorned with crowns. If you’re looking for icons, bold colours and a street-art effect in your home or modern office space, our framed Greavsey artwork is an unrivalled option.

Whichever of our artists you choose from, you can be sure the bold and colourful aesthetics of these artworks will brighten up any interior space. Be sure to browse more of our featured artists here at 1Wall; to discover more vibrant pieces like these.

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