A Guide to Framed Art

At 1Wall, we are proud to offer a vast collection of stunning framed art that captures beauty and simplicity all in one piece. We like to think of ourselves as connoisseurs of framed art, designed to elevate and enhance every area of your home. However, if you have found yourself looking at framed art for inspiration for your home decor project, then you may be wondering if it is the right option for your design tastes. This is why we have put together an all-you-could-need guide to framed art and print.

As framed art experts, we will answer all of your questions on framed art, as well as let you know exactly why it is a popular trend here to stay. So, grab a drink and relax while we take you through everything there is to know about it!

What is Framed Art?

Let’s start with the obvious, what is framed art exactly? Well, it’s all in the name. A framed art piece is exactly that, a piece of art which has already been expertly framed and is ready to hang in your desired location. Frames are usually high-quality, and the art has been mounted inside to ensure an opulent finish. 

Plus, framed art isn’t limited to one style, so no matter how your space is decorated, you can choose a luxury piece to complement your home. Whether you prefer a vintage or traditional design or want a show-stopping modern piece to be a conversation starter for guests, you can always find the perfect framed art piece to suit your preference. 

What is a Framed Art Print?

Unlike a regular print, a framed art print has an extra touch of luxury to it that means the difference between a poster stuck to the wall with blu tack, and a high-quality piece that showcases your impressive taste and draws the eye.

At 1Wall, we have a vast collection of framed art prints ready for you to explore. If you like a specific design, you can ensure you find the perfect size to suit your space, no matter how small or large a room. Framed art prints also make the perfect present, so why not pick an art print that has a special meaning to you and your loved ones?

How to Hang Framed Art on a Wall

Now that you have chosen a framed art piece for your home, you probably can’t wait to get it hung on the wall for everyone to admire. However, you might not have realised that there is a best practice for where and how to hang framed art. Of course, if you do have one specific spot that you know your new framed art print would look great in, then go for it! But if you want to learn how to hang framed art on a wall properly, then follow our tips below. 

  • Centre Your Art

Firstly, you should make sure that you hang your art by its centre point. Start by measuring 57 inches up from the floor, and put a placemark on the wall at this point. Next, find the centre of your art by measuring its height and dividing this by two. On the back, measure the top of the artwork to the tightened hanging wire or hook it will hang from and subtract this number from the centre point number. 

With your new number, measure this distance above the 57-inch marker, and this is the spot you should hang your art from. This is best practice as it ensures your art is at eye level, and people don’t have to strain themselves to admire the prints you have picked out. 

  • The Adjusting Rule 

However, if you’re hanging art above mantles or furniture, it’s important to remember that the eye-level rule doesn’t always apply. Instead, the bottom of the frame should sit between 6-8 inches above the feature or furniture. 

You should also choose a size for your framed artwork that sits well with the size of the furniture it hangs above. For example, a small print above a large sofa or bed won’t look quite right. If this is the case, opt for a larger piece or even cluster a few framed pieces together to make a statement wall feature. 

  • Make Multiple Pieces a Single Unit 

If you are hanging multiple framed artworks on a single wall, then you should treat each piece as if it were one work of art. Hanging multiple art pieces around the 57-inch centre point will help the collection appear balanced, and ensure it is not too busy. Between each frame, we recommend that you have at least 3 to 6 inches of space. 

  • Use the correct hanging fixtures 

It is so important to use the correct hanging fixtures to hang your new piece of framed artwork perfectly. Generally, more expensive pieces of framed artwork are of a higher quality (which is reflected in the price). This means the frame will be of high quality – and generally quite a bit weightier than off-the-shelf DIY frame options. Add to this a large sheet of glass, and you have a fairly heavy piece of wall art that needs adequate fixtures to secure it to the wall. Here at 1Wall, all of our framed art and mirror pieces include D-ring brackets on the back of the frame. Our artwork should be hung on the wall using the attached D-ring brackets along with suitable screws and wall plugs. (Please note: using string or picture wire is simply not strong enough to keep your 1Wall framed artwork safely secured to the wall).

How to Wrap Framed Art for Moving 

Wrapping and packing framed art properly is vital if you want to make sure your art can be moved and transported in one piece, whether you’re moving house or sending art as a gift. 

With any fragile items, you should always make sure you choose a size-appropriate box for transportation. In most cases, small and medium-sized framed art pieces can be packed together in the same box. However, larger arts require separate speciality boxes that are just slightly larger than their frames. 

When it comes to how to wrap framed art for moving, we advise you to avoid using newspapers or any printed materials, as the ink from these can transfer to your art and leave unsightly marks that are almost impossible to remove. Instead, use simple brown paper and wrap your framed piece just like a present. Next, use packing tape to secure this around the frame both lengthwise and widthwise to ensure the paper stays in place. Repeat the paper and tape process once more before moving onto bubble wrap. 

Now that your framed art is all wrapped up, you can test its stability in your chosen box. Pack it away and give the box a gentle wiggle to test if there is any movement that could cause your art damage in transport. If it feels like your frames will shift too much, then pad the box with crumpled newspaper to secure it further. 

Finally, seal your box thoroughly, ensure you label it as fragile and you’re done! 

How to Ship Framed Art with Glass

If the art that you’re shipping has glass, then there are some extra tips that you need to consider. When wrapping your piece, use masking tape to place an X across the glass. This will ensure that if the glass were to crack in transit, it wouldn’t completely break. It will also prevent the glass from shattering and causing a potential safety hazard.

You could also take extra precautions by cushioning the corners of your frame and cutting a piece of foam or cardboard slightly larger than the frame and securing this over the glass with tape. Plus, don’t forget that bubble wrap is your best friend for packaging fragile items, and you will never regret using too much, only using too little. 

Why is Framed Art so Expensive? 

Framed art is no doubt a gorgeous addition to any home, but if you’re new to the art world, you may be wondering whether it is worth the expense. If the price is off-putting, then take the time to consider everything that goes into framed art. 

For example, the materials used. High-quality frames use only the best materials, including quality glass, heavy-duty frames, backing and appropriate hanging measures. All art is precious and so should be protected, as it can easily be damaged by dust, sunlight and other pollutants. This is why it is important to ensure your art is framed correctly. More than the materials, it also takes a lot of time and effort to carefully frame art, and so this is also reflected in the price. 

However, at 1Wall, we believe that framed art should be accessible to everyone, and so we are proud to offer framed art at an affordable price tag. Explore a wide range of stunning pieces that have been expertly framed by our team today. 

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