Bedroom Wall Art

bedroom wall art

Bedroom wall art is a great way to spruce up your interior decor if you’re feeling lost for inspiration and don’t know which direction to take in your room. Here at 1Wall, we have some great advice about changing around your bedroom and transforming the space into something that you can enjoy for longer.

How do I choose wall art for my bedroom?

Choosing art for your bedroom should be a piece which you know that you’ll continue to enjoy time after time. If you decide to change your decor, bedding or style of the room– you will want your wall art to remain relevant as they should be an investment piece. 

What should I hang on my bedroom wall?

Whether you want family photographs or statement artwork, anything works in a bedroom space as long as it adheres to your personal sense of style and decor. 

Where to hang wall art in the bedroom

You have plenty of options on where to hang your art with minimal restrictions in a bedroom, but you should make sure that your piece of art is hung in a practical location that isn’t going to get caught or knocked easily. 

Above your bed

If you are to put art above your bed, you should make sure that it is centrally placed. This can be anything from typography art to personal photographs, making a feature out of the wall space. Please note, wall art (especially heavy pieces) displayed over the bed should be hung as per the retailer’s instruction to avoid any damage or injury. For example, 1Wall pieces should never be strung or wired – they should instead be hung using screws and wall plugs to secure them.

Above your chest of drawers

This makes a feature out of your chest of drawers and adds some diversity to your bedroom, creating a focal point in the room.

Above a bookshelf 

Adding your latest art above your bookshelf can showcase a creative corner in which you can express your passions and interests.

What kind of art should I put in my bedroom?

Art is extremely subjective and should be chosen according to personal preference. However, in a bedroom, it’s important to add timeless staples which you’re sure you’re going to like for the long run.

bedroom wall art

Where to get bedroom wall art

Here at 1Wall, we have a whole host of artwork that you can use in your bedroom. We have a fantastic selection of bedroom art here, and we encourage you to browse our collection and find the perfect art piece for you. 

What do you do with a blank wall in a bedroom?

Think of your blank wall as a canvas, offering possibility without restrictions. Blank walls are great to make photo walls or for hanging a wall mural. If you want to achieve minimalist decor in your bedroom, add a toned down piece of art to elongate the wall and emphasise the beautiful simplicity.

bedroom wall art

Here at 1Wall, we are proud to stock an extensive wall art collection that will help you to create a homely atmosphere while adhering to your personal tastes. It is important that your bedroom is a space where you feel relaxed and so finding the perfect addition to your room is imperative. We hope that we have given you some inspiration to find a new piece of art that you can enjoy time after time.

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