The Top 10 Animal Artists: The Best Animal Art for your Home

Whether brought to life through enchanting strokes of watercolour paint, raw pencil etchings or poetic splatters of acrylic, animal art is a timeless accessory that will continuously inspire, transform and elevate your home design. 

Since brush first touched easel, animals have been a root of inspiration for artists worldwide. They have been creatively portrayed in infinite ways to communicate narratives on nature, wildlife and even the mysteries of the human condition. 

With so much talent to sift through, it can be hard to know where to start when looking for animal art to inspire your home. 

Here at 1Wall, we’ve done the research for you – putting together an iconic list of the best animal artists that you need to know about. In no particular order, let’s dive in! 

Table of Contents

  1. Patrice Murciano
  2. Biggon
  3. Holly Arnfield
  4. Sylvain Binet
  5. Gary Hodges
  6. Giles Ward
  7. Debbie Boon
  8. Marc Allante
  9. Sarah Taylor
  10. Nolon Stacey
  11. Shop Animal Artwork at 1Wall

Patrice Murciano

Patrice first showcased his creative flare as a child when he picked up his mother’s makeup palette to experiment with colours, textures and techniques – and it is this same unorthodox flare that makes his animal art stand out from a sea of others today.

Renowned for his use of fierce colour and graffiti-inspired technique, Patrice is a self-taught visual artist who makes a statement with every stroke of the brush. His collection features striking portraits of some of the noblest giants in the animal kingdom, including lions, gorillas and elephants. 

Though Murciano’s artwork is regularly exhibited in the likes of New York and Los Angeles, he continues to reside in the south of France, where he first picked up the palette. You can check out Murciano’s animal artwork at 1Wall today.


Next on our list of the best animal artists is Biggon, an experimental creative notable for his mastery of figurative and liquid pieces. 

Whether working with splashes of bold colour or moody monochrome shades, Biggon has the ability to give his animal artwork an enchanting, dreamlike effect that draws the attention of viewers. His liquid designs incorporate crushed crystals and exciting textures and bring to life his subjects’ playful behaviours and unique personalities.

If you’re looking for animal artwork with a contemporary twist, be sure to check our Biggon collection.

Holly Arnfield

Holly’s background in art, design and graphics shows through in her animal artwork designs. With a love for fine line and black ink illustrations; her style is instantly recognisable.

Her bold, colourful style focuses on the wonders of wildlife; whilst her signature addition of abstract colours gives a new age twist on traditional animal paintings. Her range of animal art is waiting to be discovered at 1Wall.

Holly’s work perfectly captures the personality of her subjects; often highlighting the cheekiness of each individual animal. Her work is bold and full of character – which means it is guaranteed to captivate attention in any home. 

Our collection of Holly’s animal art at 1Wall has something for everyone, so whether you’re looking to decorate the walls of your living room or kitchen, we’re confident you’ll find something to suit your taste.  

Sylvain Binet

Sylvain Binet is an acclaimed French artist who has been immersed in an artistic environment from an early age. With an author/cartoonist father, a sculptor mother and artist sister; Sylvain has always been surrounded by inspiring creatives – and it is clear to see when viewing his animal art.

Animals often take centre stage as the focal point in Sylvain’s designs where he then transforms the subject of the image with a vintage or colourful theme. His range includes bulldog artwork, monkey wall art and lion wall decor; all of which is instantly recognisable by his edgy style. The animals featured in Sylvain’s designs look almost human; which further signifies his quirky style.

If you are looking for a progressive artist who creates designs that are guaranteed to capture attention and spark conversation; Sylvain Binet could well be the artist for you. His animal art designs are all printed on 3mm pvc sheets to elevate his work, giving a subtle sheen.

Shop Sylvain Binet’s animal art designs and add an instant touch of character to your home. 

Gary Hodges

It wouldn’t be a list of the best animal artists without mentioning this talented creator, renowned as the UK’s best selling pencil artist. Gary creates realistic and gentle portrayals of animals of all kinds and effortlessly communicates the sensitive charm and personalities of his subjects, which have included hyenas, sea turtles and big cats.

Gary has a passion for wildlife and is always looking for ways to give back to it. To date, he has raised over half a million pounds for wildlife conservation charities, and he continues to do so via donated prints and originals.

Giles Ward

Based in Bristol, Giles Ward is a remarkable sea-life and natural world artist who specialises in oil canvases. His work is beautifully captivating: He uses colour and texture to an intricate degree to creatively express the raw beauty of his topics. 

Giles incorporates various materials and techniques into his animal portraits, including acrylic inks, varnishes and an abundance of other materials, giving his pieces a magical finish that becomes a unique point of self-reflection and conversation with all viewers.

Debbie Boon

Depicting striking and noble characters, Debbie’s animal artwork celebrates wildlife in a way that will stop you in your tracks. Her animal portraits are unique and full of life, depicting movement and a sense of presence through her imaginative manipulation of texture and colour. 

Debbie expertly layers paint to create intensity and liveliness in her animal artwork, and she always manages to expertly capture her subjects in a way that showcases her respect and passion for them. In her collection, you will find horses, barn owls and stags in moments of life and stillness – captured so dynamically that you almost feel as if you are infringing on their privacy. 

Marc Allante

Skillfully using colourful inks and watercolours, self-taught artist Marc Allante paints to celebrate wildlife whilst also drawing attention to its growing vulnerability. 

Born in Hong Kong, Allante has also lived in London and Sydney, and as such, his work translates a beautiful fusion of traditional Chinese inks with European painting styles in a manner not seen elsewhere.

His work features animals in abstract ways that communicate more than what is on the page: You will find horses with fiery tails, tigers that bleed into the edges of the page and empowering portraits of gorillas. The intricate touch of his watercolour brush effortlessly showcases the vulnerability of these sentient beings in the world today. 

Sarah Taylor

Sarah’s artwork makes an incredible impact in whichever room it is displayed. Bursting with colour and personality, she uses intricate geometric patterns and splashes of paint to instil presence and character into each animal portrait. 

Though her artwork has a special focus on the wildlife local to Cumbria, Sarah’s brilliantly visual animal portraits are displayed in various galleries and homes across Europe and further. 

If you’re looking for a playful piece for your wall that will radiate energy and joy every time you spot it, Sarah’s collection is not one to miss.

Nolon Stacey

Last but not least, on our list of the best animal artists is Nolon Stacey. A master of charcoal and pencil art, Nolon’s artwork proves that colour isn’t necessary to bring a still creature to life.

There is a special rawness in Nolon’s artwork that is communicated not only through the substance of the materials he works with, but also in the gentle moments he portrays. His collection depicts everything from goldfinches and barn owls to dogs and stags in a realistic, contemporary manner and is not one to miss.

Shop animal artwork at 1Wall

Animal art is a fantastic way to enliven your home; it lends instant character to any room in which it is displayed and offers a captivating focal point for all to enjoy.

Our collection of animal art at 1Wall offers artwork in all styles, sizes, and forms, so we’re confident that you’ll find an artist on our list to bring your home to life!

Looking for more ways to incorporate animal art into your interior? Shop our contemporary range of animal cushions; where you will find truly quirky designs to inspire your home!

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