How to elevate your home on a budget

In the Instagram world we live in today, there is lots of pressure for homeowners to stay on-trend with their interiors. Taking pride in your home and finding ways to live more luxuriously doesn’t have to come with a bank-breaking price tag.

There are many ways to make your home look and feel more expensive that are simple to do and don’t cost a lot. Keep reading to discover our top tips at 1Wall for making your home look expensive and chic without spending too much.

Whether you are looking to sell your home and want to command a higher price during your valuation, or you just want to live more extravagantly – follow these tips to elevate your home on a budget.

1. Make it light and airy

Ensuring your interior space is filled with natural light will make it look more spacious and create a bright and airy feel. There are many ways to do this if your space is too dark and slightly dingy.

Decorating with neutral colours and painting walls cream or white will instantly elevate the space. However, this can be expensive if you have several rooms to decorate.

One way to add light and utilise natural light is by adding mirrors to your home. Placing mirrors strategically around your interior will assist the natural light that enters through windows to bounce and lighten the room.

This will make your interior space feel bigger and, in turn, add value to your property. At 1Wall, we have a selection of framed mirrors in sizes and colours to suit the existing aesthetic.  

2. Mix textures through your rooms

If you want to create an expensive feel for your home, you can replicate the look and feel of expensive hotel rooms and show homes by playing with textures in your property.

This is easy to do, and mixing textures, such as rugs with wooden chairs will provide contrast and lift the feel of your space. Adding accents to your home can be easy to achieve with home accessories, and at 1Wall, we have many budget-friendly options for you to choose from.

Choose from a range of cushions that you can add to your sofas or armchairs, including prints that pop vibrancy to the room or complement the existing decor with accents of colour. Or, add a plush throw by draping it over sofas and chairs that can double up to keep you warm in the colder months.

3. Add plants to your interior

Adding plants to your interior is another inexpensive way to make the space feel sophisticated. Whether you choose fake or real plants is entirely your choice, but adding plants or flowers to your living space is an effective and cheap way to give your room an air of sophistication.

You can place plants on a bookshelf or a coffee table to bring focus to the area. If you have pets, make sure your plant is pet-friendly before adding it to the interior space.

4. Add wall art

One way to make your property look up market is to add wall art and create a focal point to your room. Opt for a large piece of framed wall art in a style to suit your aesthetic, and at 1Wall, we have a large selection of framed art you can fix onto your wall to create a statement.

  •  Abstract framed artwork can be added to interiors that want to add vibrancy and colour. From crushed glass minimalism pieces to brush strokes that will mesmerise visitors, you are sure to add impact to your interior with an abstract piece. Adding artwork is a simply yet effective way to make your property look expensive. You can increase the value of your home whilst adding a piece of your personality to your property.
  • City framed artwork is a great way to add elegance to your home and with so many landscape options to choose from, you can be transported to busy cosmopolitans across the globe or chic corners of rural towns.
  • If you have an eye for fashion, incorporate it into your interior with the range of fashion and beauty artwork available. From illustrated pieces that showcase the collections of some of the world’s brightest designers to chic statement photography art pieces – the collection has it all.
  • You can also add a piece of modern wall art to elevate your interior to look more contemporary. Featuring reimagined looks of icons and abstract splashes of colour – you are sure to find a modern art piece that takes your interior from drab to fab within the curated array of designs.

5. Add a gallery wall

If you can’t choose just one singular piece of art that you want to display, why not create your very own gallery wall? Mixing various styles and sizes of artwork on a wall in a stylish arrangement is a great way to make your property look expensive on a budget.

Whether you choose to display your gallery wall in a communal area, such as the living room or opt for a smaller collection in your bathroom, you can mix or match your pieces to suit the space.

Why not incorporate some of your favourite family photos into the mix with various textured and coloured frames?

6. Create an accent wall

Another way to elevate your property on a budget is to create an accent wall. An accent wall differs in style from the other walls within a room and is an easy and effective way to make your property stand out.

Opt for tropical wallpaper on a singular wall to create an accent that is vibrant and adds character and charm to your property in a contemporary way.

Alternatively, if you want to add a hint of glamour to the space, you could browse through the selection of glitter wallpaper available. The beauty of using glitter wallpaper on an accent wall is that it won’t make the space feel cluttered and will still provide a contemporary touch.

7. Add panelling or moulding

Typically adding a panel wall or moulding can be expensive, but it will instantly give your property a premium aesthetic. One way to add moulding on a budget is with panel effect wallpaper, and with a range of different colours and styles to choose from at 1Wall, you will be able to find an option that transforms the space instantly.

Giving the illusion of panelling without the hefty price tag, the range of panel effect wallpaper will look chic and won’t break the bank.

8. Add a rug

Another way to make your property look expensive is to add a large rug into communal areas. Adding a rug to your living room can help pull the space together, and you can incorporate colour accents from the rug into the wallpaper or the artwork you choose to display on your gallery wall.

If you are placing a rug in an area that has a lot of foot traffic, make sure you choose an option that won’t wear quickly.

Another top tip is to place the rug just behind the front feet of the sofa to create a luxurious and elongated feel to the living space.

Upgrade your home in a cost-effective way with 1Wall

Now that you know the top 8 tips to upgrade your interior space without breaking the bank, why not try them out? Choose from a wide range of wall art, wallpaper, cushions and other home accessories to suit your aesthetic from our collection. The range includes everything from vibrant pop art icon pieces to high-end artistic visions that will impress any guest who enters your home. Make sure your home looks luxurious and feels extravagant without splashing the cash.

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