Sylvain Binet: Artist Highlight

Bold, visually striking and humorous – the influences of Sylvain Binet’s life are clear within his artistic work. But who is he, what inspires his artwork, and how do you get your hands on some? Keep reading our artist spotlight to find out who the Parisian artist is and why he should be on your radar.

Who is Sylvain Binet?

Sylvain Binet, is a French artist who was born in the vibrant metropolitan of Étampes, which sits around 40km away from the heart of Paris. His French roots are present in every subsection of his artistic vision, with wit, charm and flair bleeding into his artwork.

Binet was born on 11th August 1971, and from an early age, he was immersed in the world of the arts. His mother was a stylist and created lamé briefs for the French pop star, Claude François.

His father, Christian Binet, is an author, designer and illustrator whose works include the well-known comic, Les Bidochon. The comic is minimalistic in style and focuses around the average everyday married life of a French couple. Sylvain Binet’s influences are far from his father’s vision and incorporate visually striking and complex designs.

Sylvain is one of four children, with three sisters completing the family. The artistic vein of the family runs strong, as one of his sisters is a ceramic artist.

Where did Sylvain Binet study?

Sylvain Binet studied at Ecole Supérieure des Arts Modernes, commonly known as ESAM, in Paris. Whilst at ESAM, Binet studied a range of disciplines before finding his craft, including photography, graphics, illustration, perspective and the nude.

From school, Binet put his studies into practice and became a freelance illustrator for 6 years. He worked with some prestigious names, such as Moto Magazine and a range of other publications that showcased his work as an illustrator.

“In our family, there are no doctors or lawyers, but artists.”

– Sylvain Binet.

Créations Homâ and Sylvain Binet

After freelancing for publications, Sylvain Binet created his own company, which he called Créations Homâ. Binet created a range of visual communications within this project, such as posters, programmes and more for sporting events, cultural events and television.

Binet created visuals for some of the biggest industry names, such as The Voice, Dancing With The Stars, PSG Football Club and more. He has also worked with some very famous names, including Celine Dion, M. Pokora, Gad Elmaleh, Laurent Gerra and Francis Cabrel.

Spanning a range of industries, from sports to entertainment, Sylvain Binet has worked with some of the biggest names and for good reason. Keep reading to view some of the artist’s work that you can add to your interior that will look visually striking and become the centrepiece of any room they are placed within.

Shooting Spaniel – Sylvain Binet – (£239.99)

If you are looking for a statement piece that will stand out in your home, the Shooting Spaniel will be a great addition. Featuring a cocker spaniel holding a gun, the wacky but charming piece of art will look great in both contemporary interiors as well as traditional country-styled homes as a nod with a twist to heritage.

The dark aesthetic of the piece will allow you to place the artwork in any room within your home without jarring your colour scheme. Available in a range of frame styles, this portrait piece will look stunning as a stand-alone or even as a triplet. There are many styles within Binet’s catalogue that complement it perfectly, which you can explore within our curated selection.

Poker Monkey – Sylvain Binet – (£184.99)

Continuing with the animalistic trope, the cheeky Poker Monkey piece places a cigar-smoking monkey surrounded by a deck of floating cards. Ideal for the man in your life with a bachelor pad or as a centrepiece to a gallery wall, this artwork from Binet is fun, visually striking and will be a talking point for any guests.

Why not mix and match this piece with wall art of various sizes and styles from the wider collection and create a story with your interior?

Colour Marilyn Monroe – Sylvain Binet – (£239.99)

If you’re searching for something that will give your home a pop of colour and want to pay homage to an icon, there’s no better way than showcasing the Colour Marilyn Monroe piece by Binet.

Incorporating splashes of colour, undertones of street art, and if you look closer, you will find a selection of other iconic faces hidden within the piece. The square print is bold enough to stand alone, but if icons are your aesthetic, we have a range of icon wall art you can incorporate into your aesthetic to sit alongside Marilyn.

The collection includes reimagined pieces featuring some of the biggest names, including Barack Obama, Princess Diana, Audrey Hepburn and even the King of Rock n’ Roll himself, Elvis.

Lion Mafia King – Sylvain Binet – (£239.99)

The Lion Mafia King by Sylvain Binet encapsulates pride, fine detail and will add a contemporary touch to your interior. Featuring a bold lion wearing a crown, the Lion Mafia King will stand proudly in your home and is a great addition to living rooms and  bedrooms and will pull together interiors decorated with rich and moody tones.

You could even pair the piece with The Lion Mafia Queen (as pictured below) to create a duo that is a force to be reckoned with.

Create a contemporary home with Sylvain Binet artwork at 1Wall

Now that you have sampled the visionary work of artist Sylvain Binet – why not add some of his work to your home? The collection of Sylvain Binet designs at 1Wall have been curated to showcase some of the artist’s greatest pieces and span from colourful splashes to dark but witty statements.

Featuring wall art to home accessories, you can continue the aesthetic with items such as cushions emblazoned with Binet’s work. You will surely find a piece you love that brings your interior space together.

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