What’s New in the World of Wallpaper Trends? Panel effect is in!

If you’ve been thinking about decorating or have re-wallpapering on your mind, familiarising yourself with what’s hot is a great place to start.

Wallpaper trends have seen many design and durability advancements since the coined ‘Golden Age of Wallpaper’ back in the 1920s. We’re here to fill you in on the designs that are soaring in popularity and show you them in action! 

Read on and we’ll run you through our favourite wallpaper trends of the moment.


What are the latest modern wallpaper trends?

Gone are the days when Victorian artists lavished in the introduction of wallpaper pasting machines to aid in their exuberant art styles. Along with many other interior design choices, wallpaper trends have taken a more minimalist turn in the direction of rustic and homely focuses.

If you’ve found that the DIY buzz has hit you, you’re not alone. Mintel reported that 58% of DIYers have painted or decorated in the last 12 months, and 55% of UK consumers agreed that they look for ways to improve their homes more now than they did before the pandemic.

Panel effect wallpaper trend

Panel, or due to the likeness, ‘wood effect’, is a particular wallpaper trend that has taken the modern DIYer by storm, and we can see why. The clever design gives any room a chic yet understated look. It mimics the appearance of a wood-panelled wall, from its textured appearance to its high-quality air. Not limited to a classic wooden make-up, this latest wallpaper trend is stocked in several colours; no limiting your creativity here!

Excuse us, we haven’t mentioned the best part, the cost! Opting for panel effect wallpaper is also a great way to keep redecorating as an affordable project or hobby. Don’t believe us? Check out our full selection of panel effect wallpaper to see for yourself.

We offer a variety of colours in our panel effect range. Be it a monochrome living room revamp or a touch of forest green to accompany your house plants’ home, the wood effect wallpaper trend isn’t limited to one room by any means!

Top tip: at 1Wall, our wallpaper calculator on each product page helps you ensure that you have just the right amount you’ll need for your upcoming project. After you’ve made the tricky decision of choosing which colour to go for, simply enter your wall measurements and the unit you’re measuring in. This will then load up how many rolls of wallpaper you’ll need. We’re all about convenience!

Navy blue panel wallpaper with a blue chair and two small round tables


Tropical/jungle wallpaper trend

Does a serene setting, surrounded by the sounds of the ocean, palm trees and paper parasols take you to a state of complete tranquillity? Bring this feeling home by capturing the elements that make you feel best in your own four walls.

Give that room the spruce up you’ve been planning for a while, starting with the walls. 

The tropical trend is a great way to channel that summer feeling, all year round. At 1Wall, we have a great variation of wallpaper designs inspired by the tropics. These include floral and feather focuses, as well as patterns that incorporate some jungle character favourites.

One of our favourite things about this wallpaper trend is the diversity of designs and looks that fall into it. For example, we love this vibrant floral design.

Pink and green tropical wallpaper


However, don’t be alarmed if subtle is more your thing, as your home can very much still hone in on the tropical/jungle vibe with our more neutral designs.

Taupe feather wallpaper


Brick wallpaper trend

We like to think of the brick wallpaper trend as a happy medium between the others that we’ve mentioned; eye-catching yet versatile. 

This trend is a definite hit for those who want to add a touch of realism to their space. One of the most popular variations is a classic red brick wallpaper, which can really mimic the look of brickwork. 

Additionally, due to the nature of wallpaper as a material, it’s also much simpler to incorporate more of your own preferences when looking for your perfect design. This is especially true if you want different designs in different spaces, for example.

At 1Wall, we offer a variation of brick wallpaper designs and colours. So if a bright, classic red isn’t what you’re looking for, worry not! We also stock brick wallpaper that is more muted, with a vintage-esque feel about it.

Brick wallpaper in a vintage pastel design


Can I wallpaper my home myself?

In a word – yes! Each design is a ‘paste the wall’ wallpaper, meaning the application is smooth and less time-consuming than the traditional method. This is because you apply the wallpaper paste straight to your wall, as opposed to the roll of paper itself. Taking away the wait time while the paste soaks in allows your new panel effect to take centre stage sooner!

Where do I start with hanging my wallpaper?

With tutorials galore at the fingertips of social media consumers and smartphone users, the wallpaper application process has never been more accessible. 

As well as tutorials detailing how re-wallpapering has been carried out, transformation videos are also hugely popular on social media. Some creators even have dedicated accounts purely for this topic. You may have seen them floating around on platforms like Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. These can be great sources to gather inspiration about wallpaper trends for your next refurb.

We love this video from @magnolias.modern.mama on Instagram, check it out below to learn some of her top tips for getting a smooth application of your new wallpaper.

Latest Wallpaper Trends at 1Wall

We hope we’ve given you some key pointers on the newest trends in wallpaper to get your creative juices flowing. Now all that’s left is to choose your colour! Browse our panel effect wallpaper designs now.

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