Delve Into Our Favourite Artwork By The Acclaimed Biggon

While Biggon likes to remain discreet, his applauded artwork and distinctive style are something to shout about. Taking on a street style with a modernised twist, Biggon uses unique practices which involve layering hyper-realistic paintings with photos. This technique is what makes him a master of photo manipulation. 

Versatile and chic, his artwork can be perfectly displayed in any modern or traditional interior. With diverse pieces of artwork, which include your favourite animals and cityscapes, find the perfect design to suit your style in our selection.

Here at 1Wall, we know it can be arduous to decide on one, especially in our tasteful collection. So, we’ve broken down some of our favourite pieces by Biggon with some handy styling tips. 


Animal prints by Biggon

Accessorising your home with Biggon’s ethereal artwork will show your wild side. Majestically weaving animals into his style, these pieces are a true testament to Biggon’s skill.

Including our favourite exotic animals like the mighty lion and the distinctive giraffe, you can add a touch of exotic charm by exploring our choices.

Lion prints by Biggon

Looking to make a statement? The ruler of the animal kingdom is sure to do exactly that. Beautiful and bold, this piece flawlessly incorporates the prowess of the lion’s dominance in a grayscale format. 

A great way of adding contrast to your space, grayscale art is made from layers of grey tones together using white as a light source, something Biggon’s success has flourished off. 

This unique Lion print is great for contemporary and modern spaces, and while it may be minimalistic, the art will keep your guests’ eyes locked.

Grey lion portrait

Giraffe prints 

Grayscale art has been loved since the Renaissance, but like all great art, these pieces require years of artists continually mastering their craft – something clear in Biggon’s work. 

A popular piece here at 1Wall is the hand-embellished Giraffe print designed by Biggon. This artwork is created using various layering techniques, and as you can see, the stunning pattern of the tallest mammal is showcased to perfection. 

Black and white giraffe portrait

Prints that represent your adored pets

If exotic animals aren’t on your radar, why not look into art that reflects the animals you love here? After all, these personal touches transform a space into a home. 

From French bulldogs to pugs, the pets you hold dear to your heart are also displayed in Biggon’s artwork! While some are entirely grayscale, others showcase a pop of colour to brighten your interior. 

Frenchie art prints

Frenchies, also known as French bulldogs, are an overload of cuteness. Their petite size and unique facial folds are nothing but adorable. So, if you’re a fan of these boop-worthy faces, Biggon’s artwork captures their presence perfectly. 

Expertly designed and hand embellished, the popular Biggon’s French Bulldog piece offers high pigmentation and detailing. It’s an ideal choice for those looking to enhance a minimal space, and while adding a pop of pink can be unexpected, it’s great for a whimsy look. 

Frenchie with a crown sitting on top of a pile of books portrait

Cockapoo artwork 

We love our pets, but finding stylish ways to represent them can take time and effort. That’s where Biggon’s elaborate designs come into play. 

The ultimate family dog, the cockapoo is up there with being one the best-groomed dogs with their luxurious and high-maintenance look. 

Whether you own a cockapoo or wish to, you can maximise your space by incorporating these cuddly dogs into your charming home. As with all of Biggon’s pieces, this cockapoo artwork showcases an impressive amount of detail, leaving you in awe. 

Cockapoo with a silver crown on top of a pile of books portrait

Upgrade your interior with Biggon

When decorating your interior, you need to decide on the style you’re going for and, of course, consider the room you’re decorating. If interior design doesn’t come naturally, it can be hard to decide on decorating. 

Wall art is a great way to add another layer of texture and dimension, which is key to elevating every room, and more importantly, is easy. 

You needn’t have an elaborate collection of fine art when you can have a high-quality, stand-out piece by Biggon. But it can take time to decide which one to go for, so let’s delve into our go-to’s. 

What artwork is best for the dining room? 

Dining rooms are the heart of your family home and can be challenging to style. Besides the evident dining table and matching chairs, what goes inside can prove difficult, but we see the potential. 

The dining room is a social environment, so you must keep the energy high. Biggon’s animal or cityscape pieces are both lighthearted and detailed choices to incorporate sure to serve up some conversation. 

Artwork perfect for the living room 

Your first consideration when decorating your living room may not be adding wall art, but it should be. Likely to be the biggest room in your home, the living room gives you the perfect opportunity to play around with scale. 

If you want to style a small space, don’t be afraid to fill the room. It’s a common misconception to fill a small room with smaller items, but this only makes the space feel more constricted. An oversized piece with a thick frame adds detail and makes the space more interesting.

Explore our Biggon selection at 1Wall

Bold and impactful, Biggon’s artwork is available at 1Wall in various sizes, with the largest being an impressive 115cm by 115cm mounted frame. This size will surely make a statement, adding depth and texture to your space. 

Our Biggon collection caters for everyone, whether big or small, farmhouse or penthouse, we’ve got choices that fit every room. So, if you’re considering splurging on an undeniably prized piece, here at 1Wall, we’ve got hand-embellished options for you. 

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