How To Elevate Your Interior With Greavesy’s Captivating Artwork

The iconic work created by Greavesy is nothing short of amazing. Holding a core focus on beloved icons, from David Attenborough to Marilyn Monroe, Greavesy embraces a unique approach when creating his artwork using a blend of surrealism and super-realism. 

All Greavesy pieces hold similar nuances, adding striking colours with his paint-splattering technique or spray-painted effect. 

This revolutionary style is unlike anyone other, and to top it all off, Greavesy uses the finest materials throughout his creative process to guarantee an amazing piece for your home. 

With all of his distinguished pieces, you may need help to choose and incorporate them into your interior, but we’ve got you covered. 

In our styling guide, we’ll discuss finding the right piece for your space, who Greavesy is and a breakdown of some of our favourite pieces. 


Who is Greavesy? 

The British artist Greavesy rose in popularity due to his phenomenal artwork involving the world’s biggest icons, including Marilyn Monroe and Muhammad Ali. 

His profound work has enabled him to collaborate with celebrities, including world-class fighters such as Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury. 

Now a highly respected graphic artist, Greavesy is always looking for a unique edge, even incorporating authentic crystals throughout some of his pieces. 

While there is little known about Greavesy, his artistic style is something to remember, so  ensure you’re styling his artwork right to promise an aesthetically balanced interior. 

How to choose the right artwork for your space

A unique piece by Greavesy enriches your interior, but how do you style it? Cohesive and on-trend, Greavesy pieces embrace vibrant colours and immense detail, but incorporating bright colours can be challenging for some. 

When deciding on the right piece, your interior should be considered. Think about the colours you’ve incorporated into your space and question whether your art choice represents the colour scheme. 

More importantly, what you think of the artwork should be the heart of your decision. Do you love the piece? If not, explore Greavesey’s other options. After all, to love the artwork in your interior, you need to love the art itself. 

We’ve broken down some of our favourites to help inspire you.

Our top 5 pieces from Greavesy 

Greavesy’s work is a favourite amongst our customers. We’ve explored five key pieces to give you some inspiration.

Blooming Bouquet

The Blooming Bouquet is a flower lover’s dream, offering pink and lilac hues with an added boost of greenery. This striking piece has an exquisite amount of detail, incorporating the classic bouquet flowers, lilies and roses. 

The finest bouquet for the finest interiors, this piece is an elegant choice for those seeking a floral feel in a contemporary and traditional space. 

Displayed all across the globe, Greavesy’s artwork is unique, and you can showcase his skill in the comfort of your home. 

Floral bouquet wall art, framed and mounted on a light grey wall

The King Crown 

A crown is the ultimate symbol of power and idealism worn by monarchs and this adornment makes for a striking artwork centrepiece.

Greavesy replicates every element of the crown perfectly. The eight spikes with circular caps and jewelled rims represent the ceremonial heritage.

This glamorous ‘King Crown’ piece incorporates the splattered paint effect and is a must-have if you want to add a splash of colour to your interior. 

Multi-coloured crown with a black background and frame, mounted on a dark grey wall

David Attenborough 

David Attenborough is a monumental TV broadcasting icon best known for his insight into the natural world. Greavesy takes on a different approach with his portrait of Attenborough that you can’t find from anyone else. 

Attenborough’s wisdom and charisma are nothing but amazing, and Greavesy incorporates this in his unique graphic art style. The juxtaposition of the graffiti street technique and the formality of David’s presence make this piece so iconic. 

The David Attenborough piece will stir up conversation within your home and is great for those looking to include something different. 

A portrait of David Attenborough with graffiti over it, mounted on a light grey wall

The King Of The Jungle

The prowess of a king is an ideal subject for an artist, and Greavesy knew this. One of our adored pieces, The King Of The Jungle, is a standout choice featuring immense detail. 

This graphic piece is ideal for minimalistic interiors, offering only the slightest touch of gold on the crown blended with a grayscale effect. 

Unsurprisingly, the King Of The Jungle piece is one of our best-sellers and is a great choice for animal lovers and those looking to captivate their guests. 

Whether minimal or bold, this semi-grayscale piece is detailed and fits effortlessly into modern spaces. 

Black and white lion portrait with a gold crown

Eric Cantona 

Last but certainly not least, we have the football legend Eric Cantona. Earning his status as one of the best footballers in the ‘90s, Eric Cantona is renowned for his unapologetic attitude and undeniable talent. 

Eric Cantona’s high status is captured perfectly in Greavesy’s artwork, adorning Cantona with a golden crown and capturing his emotion in every paint stroke. 

The combination of Cantona’s presence and Greavesy’s artistic talent allows you to showcase the icon in your home in all of his glory. So, if you’d like a graphic piece representing your favourite footballer, get this hand-embellished piece now. 

Portrait of Eric Cantona with a crown in a black frame, mounted on a grey brick wall

Greavesy Artwork at 1Wall

Greavesy was always destined for greatness, inspiring artists worldwide through his classic street style. Here at 1Wall, we proudly showcase Greavesy’s artwork and have an immense range of hand-embellished pieces for you.

So, if you’re looking for something new, our collection is the place. From flowers to global superstars, we have all your favourites in one place, and you can add them to your interior now. 

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