Home decor signs ideas to personalise your interior like an expert

Every home is unique, as we seek carefully chosen furniture and decor that reflects our personal style. 

Whether you prefer a maximalist style with lots of quirky items or a minimalist style with hints of eccentricity, we all want to find ways to express our personality.

Signs and plaques for the home are a unique way to add character to your decor, whether you want to give guests a chuckle or personalise a sign with your favourite quote.

With plaques and novelty signs for each area of the home, scroll through our selected favourites for inspiration on styling your interiors.

Table of Contents

  1. Bar Signs
  2. Personalised Signs
  3. Wedding Plaques
  4. Home office signs
  5. Man Shed signs
  6. Children’s Bedroom Sign
  7. Beer Garden signs
  8. Kitchen signs
  9. Dining room signs
  10. Top tips for styling signs in your home

Bar Signs

Fancy a tipple on a Friday night? Or are you planning to throw a party for a special occasion? Bar signs for the home are perfect to set the mood for entertaining. 

Create an inviting bar area that showcases your selection of spirits, or design a cosy VIP lounge area to unwind in at the weekend. 

With unique signs that set the atmosphere for a shindig, find the perfect piece to perk up your home.

Personalised Signs

Personalising your own sign for the home is an easy way to add character to your living space. 

Choose something that matters the most to you, whether you personalise it with the family name for the hallway, add a family inside joke or a favourite quote.

Personalised signs are available in various colours and sizes and can also make a thoughtful gift, adding a personal touch to any special occasion.

Personalise your own sign

Wedding Plaques

Recently married? Or looking for the perfect wedding gift? Choose a heartfelt sign to remember the special day.

Whether a sweet sign to hang at home or at the reception, find unique signs that make the perfect gift for newlyweds.

Or, why not personalise a sign with the first dance song, surname or wedding location for a truly memorable present?

Home office signs

With more of us working from home or flexible working, creating the perfect space for concentration is needed more than ever. 

Leaving the ‘laptop on the knee’ situation far behind, home offices allow you to create a private, professional work area with the benefits of your personal decor to make it feel more relaxed.

Man Shed Signs

Create a dedicated space, whether for a partner or a dad, with a dedicated man shed sign.

Perfect for birthdays, Father’s Day, or other special occasions, these signs signal a place where they can unwind or pursue their hobbies.

Children’s bedroom signs

Let your children add some personality to their room and decorate their space in a unique way with a sign or plaque.

With motivational plaques or sweet signs, find options to suit them at any age, whether you’re letting them choose their teenage room or kitting out a nursery.

Beer garden signs

When summer comes sizzling; there’s nothing better than relaxing in your garden, whether sipping in the sun or entertaining guests for a full barbecue. 

Why not create the perfect beer garden atmosphere in the comfort of your home with beer garden signs to add a touch of fun to the space? 

Create a bar area or seating area and enjoy the sun in style.

Garden bar sign

Garden Bar Sign

Kitchen and dining signs

The kitchen is the heart of the home, where favourite meals are cooked, and memories are made, whether you’re sitting down for a daily family meal or welcoming guests for a special occasion.

Add a sense of fun to your home with ‘kitchen disco’ signs and more to make a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere when cooking or dining.

Top tips for styling signs in your home

  • Highlight with lights. Add lighting above the sign with a lamp to highlight the piece and draw attention to it.
  • Consider the proportion of the sign. Our signs are available in various sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for the space with full-size or mini versions.
  • Use your sign as a focal point. Place it at eye level on a wall and leave it stand out by not overcrowding it with other artwork or decor. 
  • Create a display. Alternatively, create a display with your sign by adding it to a shelf and surrounding it with plants and decorative items. 
  • Coordinate colours. Choose your sign in a colour that complements the room, whether in a black and white that adds some contrast or a muted champagne that blends with the decor.

Find a unique sign to add a unique charm to your home

As a fun way to add a unique stamp to your home, find novelty signs and plaques to showcase your personality and elevate your decor.

Available in various styles, colours and sizes, find a sign for your home that you’ll love and cherish for years to come at 1Wall. 


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