Interior Design Trends To Upgrade Your Home Like An Expert

Are you thinking about sprucing up your home with some interior decor newness?

Nowadays, we’re seeing more people take to decorating their homes themselves than ever before. With countless creators flooding social media feeds with hacks and top tips, doing it yourself has never been easier or more encouraged.

With so much content at our fingertips, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with what’s hot and what’s not. Never fear! We’re here to fill you in on some trending interior decor designs and provide you with bundles of inspiration to take into your home this year.

Of course, we’ll also point you in the direction of some trending pieces available at 1Wall to get you started.


Interior design in a nutshell

By definition, interior design covers the entire ‘process of designing the interior decoration of a room or building’. It’s even cited as an art in the dictionary.

What is so great about interior design, is how much it varies from person to person and home to home. The amount of opportunity that comes with it truly is endless, especially as every individual taste and preference can be catered for and expressed in how someone chooses to design their space.

Even when it comes to more specific interior design trends, like we’ll discuss today, the same piece can look completely unique in different spaces. It’s all about how you apply trends to your home and adapt them to make them your own. 

Interior design trends

We have curated a list of our favourite interior design trends from the year, which we know you’ll love!

The natural look

In the age of minimalism, not only are people favouring a tidier, uncluttered look in their homes, but also something that brings the outside in. 

As many people now spend significantly more time at home due to factors like flexible and remote working patterns, it’s arguably more important now than ever to have space in your home that conveys a sense of grounding and calm.

This is where the natural look comes in. It’s a trend that thrives on not having too much going on, leaving you with a clearer headspace to fuel motivation or promote relaxation. 

Brick wallpaper 

A fabulous way to do this without breaking the bank is with the help of our brick wallpaper selection.

Available in red, grey and pastel brick designs, incorporating natural tones into your interior decor is a big yes this year.

You’ll want to hear this if you’re looking to complement a clean aesthetic with a touch of the raw, natural look. Our white loft brick wallpaper mural creates such an authentic look that you’ll struggle to tell it’s not real! But don’t worry, it’s our secret. 

white loft brick wallpaper

This mural comes in four pieces, leaving your creativity free to run wild. Perhaps you’re as fond of this trend as we are and can envision the white brick on all four walls of your chosen space. Equally, your take on the natural, minimalist trend could be through a feature wall. The versatility of this mural is ideal for any design taste.

Rustic living

This leads us perfectly to another well-loved design trend this year, rustic and homely interiors.

One of our favourite aspects of this trend is the focus on texture. You can bring out the edge of a piece/area in your home with the materials and effects you incorporate into your interior decor. 

Enter, textured finished wall art.

Whether an abstract painting, floral ensemble or even bottle bar, a textured finish gives the pieces in our collection an air of luxury whilst, of course, being super stylish. 

Spring Pastels framed wall art

Are you looking for more of a change? Why not revamp your room with our choice of acoustic wall panels?

We offer panels in shades of brown and grey, with light and dark options to suit your preference. Each comes with black acoustic felt backing for easy application.

Acoustic wall panels at 1Wall

All hail Hollywood

Some may say it has never gone out of style, but as of late, Hollywood-esque decor has been at the forefront of many living spaces.

Choosing Hollywood-inspired pieces can help you easily incorporate the Hollywood aesthetic into your home. However, at 1Wall, we think adding Hollywood-style mirrors is a wonderful way to do so.

14 bulb Hollywood mirror

Take your getting-ready station to the next level with a new mirror that oozes glamour. Our 14 bulb Hollywood mirror offers cool and warm lighting options, a touch screen and a durable metal frame that you can display free-standing or hang up.

If bright and stand-out are more your thing, our mirror-framed wall art will be right up your street. The beauty of this particular interior trend is that you can inject its essence in so many ways.

From vibrant theatre and circus-inspired designs to captivating silver and gold pieces, our selection at 1Wall will leave you spoilt for choice. The big question is, where will you decide to showcase it?

Fun House framed wall art here

Shades of Brown

The final interior trend we have to share with you from 2023 is the colour brown. 

Warm shades help to elevate the homely feel in any space, with the rich tones complementing many other patterns and designs. Therefore, this trend leaves you with complete freedom to decorate the surrounding areas of your home however you please without the fear of clashing decor or unflattering pairings. 

At 1Wall, we think a great way to bring this trend to life in your home is through a piece of art

We have a wonderfully diverse range of artwork, with a choice of frame available on each design. These include multiple brown options in varying shades.

Our collection of prints spans coffee and hot drinks that are perfect for your kitchen or dining area. It also comprises adorable animals and beautiful abstract paintings. 

Monarch of Glenn Framed Art

Home decor ideas at 1Wall

We hope this blog has inspired you to incorporate some of the year’s biggest interior trends into your home. We think the best part of any design trend is how individuals make it their own.

That said, check out the products we have picked to find the perfect decor additions for you.

We’re sure whatever you come up with will be nothing short of fabulous! 

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