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Black cockapoo with a silver crown on top of a pile of books 12/05/2023

Delve Into Our Favourite Artwork By The Acclaimed Biggon

While Biggon likes to remain discreet, his applauded artwork and distinctive style are something to shout about. Taking on a street style with a modernised twist, Biggon uses unique practices which involve layering hyper-realistic paintings with photos. This technique is what makes him a master of photo manipulation.  Versatile and chic, his artwork can be perfectly displayed in any modern or traditional interior. With diverse pieces of artwork, which include your favourite animals and cityscapes, find the perfect design to suit your style in our selection. Here at 1Wall, we... Read More

Multi-coloured mouth biting a gold bullet portrait 05/05/2023

How To Elevate Your Interior With Greavesy’s Captivating Artwork

The iconic work created by Greavesy is nothing short of amazing. Holding a core focus on beloved icons, from David Attenborough to Marilyn Monroe, Greavesy embraces a unique approach when creating his artwork using a blend of surrealism and super-realism.  All Greavesy pieces hold similar nuances, adding striking colours with his paint-splattering technique or spray-painted effect.  This revolutionary style is unlike anyone other, and to top it all off, Greavesy uses the finest materials throughout his creative process to guarantee an amazing piece for your home.  With all of his... Read More

Sylvain Binet 05/04/2023

Sylvain Binet: Artist Highlight

Bold, visually striking and humorous – the influences of Sylvain Binet’s life are clear within his artistic work. But who is he, what inspires his artwork, and how do you get your hands on some? Keep reading our artist spotlight to find out who the Parisian artist is and why he should be on your radar. Who is Sylvain Binet? Sylvain Binet, is a French artist who was born in the vibrant metropolitan of Étampes, which sits around 40km away from the heart of Paris. His French roots are present... Read More


Our Featured Artists

Here at 1Wall, we’re proud to house artwork from a number of acclaimed artists. From bold and bright 3D artwork to truly timeless pieces; our range features unique artwork to suit all aesthetics. To provide you with a bit more information about some of our featured artists, their artistic techniques and why we’ve chosen to include them in our selection here at 1Wall, we’ve created this blog profiling a few of our top artists and their work. Read on to learn more about the genius of Greavsey urban artwork, Patrice... Read More