Bedroom Wall Art

Bedroom wall art is a great way to spruce up your interior decor if you’re feeling lost for inspiration and don’t know which direction to take in your room. Here at 1Wall, we have some great advice about changing around your bedroom and transforming the space into something that you can enjoy for longer. How do I choose wall art for my bedroom? Choosing art for your bedroom should be a piece which you know that you’ll continue to enjoy time after time. If you decide to change your decor,... Read More


Bathroom Wall Art

Bathrooms often look bare when you don’t have art or ornaments dotted around the room, but there are many different ways to make it into a relaxing area of the house. Here at 1Wall, we’re here to offer some fantastic advice on how you can add art into your bathroom, adding personality and style without too much upheaval. What kind of wall art for bathroom The bathroom is an area of the house which is more likely to be stripped back, basic and favouring functionality over style. Hanging bathroom wall... Read More