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All of our framed artwork arrives with d-rings attached to the reverse of the piece. Please use the d-rings and screws to hang the artwork securely. Do not use string to hang any of our artwork as it will not support the product. We cannot be held liable and will not offer a solution for any pictures that have been damaged as a result of being strung.


Our wall murals are not self-adhesive. They require standard wallpaper paste which is included in the tube when purchased directly from 1Wall.

In addition to the instructions that are included with all of our wall murals, we have created some useful step-by-step videos to help you hang your wall mural perfectly:

For your guidance, we’ve also included some commonly asked questions relating to our wall murals:

Can I purchase more than one mural to cover my entire room?
Our murals are not designed to pattern match. We do have a number of customers who have chosen to purchase multiple murals to cover and entire room; however, please be aware that they will be slightly offset.

Why won’t my mural line up?

  • Have you overlapped the panels? All panels must be overlapped to match the image/pattern. 1Wall prints a repeat (mm) around the edge of the panel which allows for any walls not being level. (Do not overlap and cut (‘splice’), simply overlap the panels and leave to dry).
  • Has there been a delay between applying the paste and hanging the mural? The mural should be applied panel by panel. After pasting the back of one mural panel (if hanging a Paste the Paper mural), apply this panel to the wall without delay. Allowing the paste to absorb into the paper can result in stretching on application. Do not apply paste to all panels and then start hanging - ensure that you work with one piece at a time.
  • Are my mural panels correctly lined up? When hanging a ‘brick’ or ‘slate’ wall mural, please check that you have the panels in the correct order and orientation before applying to the wall. The letters are printed on the front of the image in the corners.


Our street signs can be quickly and easily secured to a wall of your choice using d-ring picture brackets which are included with your purchase. Alternatively, our street signs can be displayed as a freestanding accessory on any flat surface.