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Ideas For Arranging Sofa Pillows

Searching for interior inspiration for your living room? Look no further, 1Wall are here to help! Your living room is the place you go to relax and unwind after a long day and also where you entertain guests, so creating a room that feels just right is really important. Sometimes it’s the small details that make the biggest difference and that’s certainly the case when it comes to sofa pillows; sofa throw pillows and scatter cushions can be all you need to revive tired decor, help to transform a space and add the finishing touches to tie an interior theme together.

Whether you want to breathe new life into an old sofa or you’ve updated your living room decor entirely, here at 1Wall, we’ve got a few sofa cushion ideas and cushion arrangement options to suit your sofa and help transform your space.



A Matching Pair

If you’re looking for a timeless, failsafe look that’s simple and easy to achieve, choosing a pair of matching sofa throw pillows could be a winning look. This sofa cushion arrangement works particularly well on smaller, two-seater sofas, as having lots of sofa pillows on a smaller seating arrangement can be impractical and look too busy. You can either opt for the same shade as your sofa for a harmonised look or try picking a complementing colour or pattern for extra impact and let your sofa pillows stand out.



Symmetrical Arrangement

Another classic option for sofa pillows is a sophisticated symmetrical arrangement. With a minimum of three sofa throw pillows, place them along the backrest of your sofa, stopping with one in the centre of your sofa and working up the other side to achieve a mirrored effect. This can work by simply choosing different colours and patterns, by opting for different shaped cushions or by arranging your cushions in size order. Whichever you opt for, this symmetrical style creates a smart and well put-together look.



A Focal Piece

Want a specific cushion print or design to really stand out on your sofa cushion arrangement? For a certain design to draw the eye, you’ll need to ensure the surrounding area doesn’t steal the limelight. We recommend deciding this first and then basing your other sofa pillows and room accents around it.

If it’s a pattern or print you want to be the focal point of your sofa cushion arrangement, we recommend picking out a colour from its design and using this for your other scatter cushions. This will ensure that your statement cushion still draws the eye but also creates a coordinated and visually pleasing look. If it’s a specific colour you want to stand out on your sofa, the same rule applies! Opt for a neutral shade or a contrasting colourway that helps your chosen colour to really pop.


If you don’t want to opt for a uniformed or matching sofa cushion arrangement, you can always brave the eclectic approach! When done well, this style brings a fun and relaxed aesthetic to a living space. Our top tip when it comes to opting for different cushion designs for sofas is to pick a colour palette to or a design theme that ties all your sofa scatter cushion together and also suits the rest of your interior decor, resulting in an eclectic yet harmonised finished look.









A Combination of Fabrics

As well as a mix of patterns and prints, an assortment of fabrics and textures can be a great option when it comes to sofa cushion ideas. When it comes to sofa pillows and scatter cushions, the fabrics you choose can play a large role in completing the overall feel of your living space. For example, if you’re aiming for a Scandi or natural aesthetic, fabrics like linen and cotton are an excellent choice and pair well together. If you want to create a cosy, opulent feel, try opting for crushed velvet cushions or faux-fur styles to add a little extra texture. Detailing such as sequins, beads and tassels can also add the finishing touches to complete the look.


Alternating Arrangement

Another popular cushion arrangement option is to display your sofa throw pillows in alternating order. This can work with two, three or even four different cushion designs, but be wary of choosing any more than this as it can start to look too busy. To achieve this look, simply arrange the cushions one after the other, keeping to the same pattern as you go along. As with symmetrical cushion arrangements, this style can be achieved with different colours, complementing patterns or even different shaped cushions.


Whichever option you choose for your sofa cushion arrangements, here at 1Wall, we have a huge array of statement sofa pillows and scatter cushions to suit every interior scheme. Explore a beautiful selection of colours in our collection, as well as a wide variety of bold prints and playful cushion designs for sofas that draw the eye and add the final finesse to your seating arrangement.

Our range includes landscapes cushions, famous icon cushions and animal cushions from esteemed artists including Greavsey, Patrice Murciano and Sylvain Binet, as well as our own SHH Interiors brand.

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